About Me

Lori McNeill is a mission-driven professional with extensive marketing technology experience and a passion for social good projects. She holds degrees in Materials Engineering and Management from Columbia University and Claremont McKenna College. She began her professional career developing materials for space vehicle applications at the NASA Ames Research Center and ultimately extended her expertise to helping Fortune 500 companies understand and optimize their investment in the digital world through data analytics. 

Lori is passionate about STEM educational outreach and using her data science skills to address issues in her community. 

She is the founder of the Civic Hacker Network and the Civic Hacker Summit, a community and virtual conference that celebrates people using data and technology for civic and social good. In conjunction with this, Lori is also developing an Educator Portal with resources to support bringing civic engagement, data literacy, and analytics concepts into the K-12 classroom.

Lori is a cabinet member of The Women’s Fund of the Shasta Regional Community Foundation, and also serves her community by participating in several social justice, equity, and educational outreach initiatives in various roles on committees and task forces.